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Better than Budgeting


Track where your money is going with this simple but powerful personal finance app. The Better-than-Budgeting-App is for everybody who doesn’t need thousands of features but are looking for a simple, beautiful app to track personal spending. This app has a strong focus on simplicity. It can be so easy to record a transaction: tap the desired category from the apps home screen --> the QuickAdd-dialog opens – from here, you can enter the desired amount with a large, easy to read number pad --> hit OK and you’re done. The amount you entered is automatically assigned to the current day. 95% of the time that’s all you need. And if you really need to enter more details (different date, payment method, comments, etc.) you can use a detailed dialog.
The app does not have every function you can imagine, but rather utilizes a solid set of features. It aims to be an app you actually use - not just install. It’s ad-free and no Internet connection is required.
Usage scenarios: - Use it as your primary spending tracker- Use it to record your spending on the road in combination with another tool at home- The app can also be used temporarily to keep track of a shopping tour, vacation or business trip- A compatible desktop app is also available (see below)
Main Features:- From the Category List, you can reach all the central functions with a single tap- Categories can be grouped by expenses, income and investments- Assign each category a suitable icon- automate recurring transactions- Enter transactions with the QuickAdd dialog without having to use the native keyboard- Several charts and reports are available- Configure two standard payment options to be used within the QuickAdd dialog- No Internet connection is required- Export your data to CSV- Mail yourself the exported data directly from the app or upload it to Dropbox- Backup and recovery features- Detailed documentation is also integrated
A free compatible desktop app for Windows or Mac is also available.